I’ve sat with my laptop this past week hoping to write something effective and strong. Something that would make you think and introspect. I’ve written drafts and rewritten them. But on a whim I deleted all of it and I’m just going to let this post be what my heart has been feeling and what I want to say. While I’ve been busy and the days have passed me by without a single post going up, I haven’t forgotten that it’s the season to be merry.

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Accept yourself and love yourself. Accept your mistakes, and move on. Don’t let anyone hold you back from who you are, and most of all don’t let your friends hold you back from who you want to be. Yes I did say friends and I have strong reason for this. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

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Have you ever noticed how the last quarter tube of toothpaste lasts you longer than the other three fourths? (Actually it isn’t even the last quarter it is the last bit that keeps your teeth healthy for weeks). Or how the final bite of a sinfully delicious and scrumptious chocolate cake is savored twenty times more than the twenty bites taken in the middle? Or the last drop of oil/ cream/ shampoo is patiently waited for while on the first day we invariably use more than required and end up wasting it.

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I recently turned 25, and even though I prefer not making a big deal out of my birthday this year it turned out extra special.

It was so because a few people on my request took an extra effort to give me a special birthday gift. I asked some people to express in a few words either through a message or mail and tell me something they’d like me to know. It could be something they have learnt from life, or something they have observed that they’d like me to learn from. These notes came in from family, friends who have loved me through the years and some recently made friends who have slowly become my anchor.

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A couple of days ago when my friend asked me to write something for her blog, my initial reaction was excitement.  As I started writing I realized, I am passionate about writing, but I am not a writer! I was experiencing something akin to a ‘writers block’. Should I pen down something about my past experiences, hopefulness of the future, places seen and travelled etc. A mirage of thoughts rushed through my mind but I just couldn’t focus.

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